10 Tips To Improve Your Homes Curb Appeal

1) Give your home a more fresh entrance look with a new paint job or even replacing the front door. 

2) Don't forget to landscape your yard. A yard that is taken care of tends to show buyers that the home was taken care of as well.

3) Make sure all exterior lights are WORKING.

4) Wash all windows from the inside and outside- you don't want to take away from looking out onto the great view by looking through dirty windows.

5) Clean out the garage by storing any non essentials in a storage unit.

6) Depending on where you are located or how the Florida weather is, maybe consider adding a pop of color by planting some vibrant flowers in your front lawn!

7) Remove anything from your lawn that you plan on taking with you to your new home.

8) Replace anything worn down, like your welcome door mat.

9) The street numbers on your house may be worn down, so brighten them up by painting over them in order for people to really see what house number it is.

10) Over the years, things can begin to look a little run down and lose its color, including things you would never even think about. For example, your driveway and sidewalk near your home. Try pressure washing it to bring back that "new" feel to the home.



10 Tips To Make Your House Feel Like Home To Buyers

1) Clean everything! An extra clean home really invites the buyer in and makes them know you took great care of their future home!

2) Make sure to give every room meaning! Even though some of your rooms may have originally been used for storage, make sure to give it some sort of identity to the buyer.

3) Let all natural light in! We all know that dark rooms result in gloominess. Bringing natural light in allows the buyer to see how much light the house gets and how beautiful it looks!

4) Of course, fix anything that is broken!`

5) An uncluttered house shows the buyer how much room the house truly has.

6) Fresh paint and fresh floors. Whether it's carpet or not, make sure it is fresh and looking its best, along with the paint on the walls.

7) Organize the space, making sure places like the kitchen is clean and the appliances are put away.

8) No buyer wants to come into their potential future home and see/smell trash! So make sure to empty all the trash bins around the house for that tidy look!

9) The less squeaky, the better! Make sure all of the doors open and close smoothly.

10) Replace light bulbs around the house, making sure they work.


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