SRN Real Estate Pros is located in Daytona Beach and offers a ton to agents who want to make a successful real estate career. Formerly known as Beach Bum Realty, SRN Real Estate Pros has earned our reputation as a trusted resource within the communities that we serve. 

Since then, SRN Real Estate Pros have carefully grown the brokerage with the use of technology and only teaming up with the most skilled agents. 

With being around for almost 15 years, SRN Real Estate Pros worked with you to make sure you are ready to take on the real estate world, one home at a time.


Take a look at some facts that our company stand by!


-Agents normally save more than 70% in broker fees when joining SRN Real Estate Pros! 

-Single agent plan CAP at 12 sales

-$495 per sale on first 12 sales CAP

-$85 per lease

-$99 per sale after CAP

-90/10 for commercial

-$500 annual fee charged at sign-up and each anniversary

…..Incredible right?!

We are looking for people who are open-minded to new ideas and someone who has high energy and is ready to get the job done! 




If you want to work in the beautiful town of Daytona Beach, FL, and want to make great sales with an amazing team, SRN Real Estate Pros is for YOU. 


Give us a call today and let's see if we're a good fit!


SRN Real Estate Pros

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