Halloween isn't the only spooky thing coming up... buying a home can be scary for many people! But its only scary for those who don't know the facts about this important purchase.


Why Can It Be Scary?

1) Thinking that you HAVE to have a credit score of 780.

2) Having to put a 20% down payment for that home.

3) Getting approved for a mortgage.

4) Not having enough equity in your home to move.

5) Renting is cheaper and renting also means not having to pay for repairs.


But...Listen For The Facts!

1) Average credit score on approved loans is actually 727.

2) 72% of buyers put down under 20% for homes.

3) 76.4% of loan applications were APPROVED last month.

4) 95.7% of homeowners in the U.S. have positive equity.

5) Buying a home is 26% less expensive than renting in the U.S. because guess what... your landlord builds the cost of repairs into your rent.


Buying can be a scary thing... but just look at the facts! Don't let credit score, down payments, and loans scare you off from one of the most important transactions of your life! Call us today so that we can help you get through those spooky thoughts!


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